Aquatic Ecology


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Title Aquatic Ecology
Period 01 / 1995 - unknown
Status Completed
Research number OND1315222
Data Supplier METIS Radboud Universiteit

Related organisations

Secretariat Aquatic Ecology (RU)

Related people

Researcher Dr. A.M. Banach
Researcher Ir. A. Borghuis
Researcher Dr. A.W. Boxman
Researcher M.C.H. Cox
Researcher Dr. H.H. Hangelbroek
Researcher Drs. A.J. Kempers
Researcher D. Kleijn
Researcher Dr. M. Miletto
Researcher Dr. N.J. Ouborg
Researcher R.H.J. Rengelink
Researcher Dr. P. Spierenburg
Researcher Dr. I. van der Stap
Researcher M.G. Versteeg
Project leader Prof.dr. J.M. van Groenendael
Project leader Prof.dr. J.G.M. Roelofs


D22400 Ecology

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