RICH: Reading Images in the Cultural Heritage


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Title RICH: Reading Images in the Cultural Heritage
Period 08 / 2005 - 08 / 2009
Status Completed
Research number OND1315957
Data Supplier Aanlevering Onderzoeker


The archaeological heritage covers 99% of our collective memory. Its material of study usually lends itself especially to studying everyday life. The scarce remains of our past that are available for study consist mainly of fragmentary and dispersed (parts of) objects. Fundamental in the process of identification of archaeological remains is comparison of the finds with similar objects from elsewhere and recombining the existing knowledge on these objects. The Reading Images for the Cultural Heritage (RICH) project, which is part of the NWO CATCH programme, aims at developing intelligent techniques to support archeologists in their analysis and classification of archeological objects. RICH combines automatic learning and image-analysis techniques to realize decision-support systems that can be applied to the automatic analysis and classification of images of medieval glass, coins, flint, seeds, and pottery. The RICH project is executed at the Rijksinsituut voor Oudheidkundig Bodemonderzoek (ROB) and supervised by the Maastricht ICT Competence Centre (MICC) of the University Maastricht.

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Project leader Prof.dr. E.O. Postma


D16600 Artificial intelligence, expert systems

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