The Middle Helladic tumulus cemeteries of Argos: the final publication


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Title The Middle Helladic tumulus cemeteries of Argos: the final publication
Period 09 / 2010 - 01 / 2011
Status Current
Research number OND1316464
Data Supplier NWO


This research project focuses on the publication and interpretation of the material recovered from a series of Middle to Late Helladic (2100 - 1500 BC) "tumulus" cemeteries at Argos, Argolid, Greece. This assemblage is in itself significant, because Argos played a crucial role in the transformation of mainland societies and the emergence of the palaces. Despite its importance, prehistoric Argos is poorly known, as the modern city is built on top of the earlier remains. These can only be glimpsed at by means of rescue excavations, which unfortunately in Greece remain unpublished. The significance of this publication for local archaeology is therefore self-evident. However, the importance of the project exceeds Greek archaeology, as the research combines a comparative and multi-disciplinary approach, the use of established and innovative methods, and awareness of current theoretical issues such as the relationship between mortuary patterning and social structure, or the role of agency in processes of change. The final publication will be published by INSTAP Academic Press. Chronological abbreviations MH = Middle Helladic (2100 - 1700 BC) LH = Late Helladic (or Mycenaean) (1700 - 1100 BC) Keywords Middle Helladic; Mycenaean; Argos; Argolid; mortuary analysis.

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Researcher Prof.dr. S. Voutsaki
Project leader Prof.dr. P.A.J. Attema


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