Het gebruik van mobiele media en mededelingen in het ondersteunen van levenslang leren


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Titel Het gebruik van mobiele media en mededelingen in het ondersteunen van levenslang leren
Looptijd 04 / 2006 - 12 / 2009
Status Afgesloten
Onderzoeknummer OND1316513
Leverancier gegevens OTEC

Samenvatting (EN)

New technologies enable new forms of competence development based on situated and collaborative learning approaches. Supporting the user with tools and information continuously in the process of competence development allows better reflection, community awareness, integrated learning, and media literacy. The project will have two main focuses: - Mobile Media Injection and Delivery: adding contextualised resources to the learning network and finding the appropriate resources for a specific learning situation. Mobile Devices allow for the injection of knowledge resources from learners in almost any situation, e.g., video blogging snapshots of a lab visit, mobile video conferences from a field trip or just collecting images about a production process in a factory. Furthermore ubiquitous displays enable the delivery of content to the user in the learning situation, a wall-mounted monitor in a training lab, an auditory display for activities with eye-hand coordination or just the information about peers activities to a mobile phone. - Ubiquitous Notifications for Learning Support: this part will focus on fostering reflection and awareness with the possibilities of nomadic learning support for continuous learning activities. Notifying people about important events in their learning process, reminders or announcements about interesting aspects in their current context/situation related to their current studying can be delivered and continuously updated via mobile and ubiquitous technology. A core contribution of the project is the integration of new possibilities for instant content creation from different phases in a competence development programme. This instant content creation and annotation is expected to increase social cohesion and authenticity in learning networks on the level of knowledge resources and competence programmes. Furthermore, possibilities for the implementation of learning designs for ?blended? collaborative learning will be demonstrated by this project. On the level of learning networks and social aspects of learning communities the notification about learning networks is expected to increase motivation, reflection, awareness and active participation to learning networks. Active participation of learners is increased by much more intuitive methods of annotation and recording of learning experiences as also the better integration between the learning context and knowledge resources used.

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