Industrial Transformation: Towards Sustainable Use of Energy and Materials


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Title Industrial Transformation: Towards Sustainable Use of Energy and Materials
Period 01 / 2002 - unknown
Status Completed
Research number OND1317147
Data Supplier Website SENSE


Mission and aims: It is increasingly recognized that important changes in production and consumption systems will be required to meet the needs and the aspirations of a growing world population while using environmental resources in a sustainable manner. The complex character of such changes is labelled with the term industrial transformation . Industrial transformation research seeks to understand complex society-environment interactions, identify driving forces for change, and explore development trajectories that have a significantly smaller burden on the environment The aim of the research in Core programme 4 is to analyse the feasibility of such a transformation. A basic question is how to produce and consume energy and materials in a more sustainable way. The research emphasis is more and more on strategies that can help in developing and adopting these sustainable ways of production and consumption. Technological, social and environmental aspects need to be dealt with in a coherent way.

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Project leader Prof.dr. P. Glasbergen


D14800 Energy

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