The role of the general practitioner and the district nurse in managing...


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Title The role of the general practitioner and the district nurse in managing spiritual needs of patients at the end of life
Period 09 / 2005 - 07 / 2008
Status Completed
Research number OND1318488
Data Supplier Website EMGO


OBJECTIVES: To define the form and content of spiritual domestic care at the end of life; to identify the role of general practitioners and district nurses in managing spiritual needs; and to identify the barriers to providing adequate spiritual care by general practitioners and district nurses.
METHODS: Definitions of spiritual end-of-life care will be identified using a literature study. Findings of the literature study will be presented to and corroborated with eight experienced expert carers (social workers, psychologists, clergymen) in interviews. Researchers will conduct interviews with 30 general practitioners and 30 district nurses regarding their role in spiritual care at the end of life. In addition, three general practitioners and three district nurses will be selected for focus-group discussions aimed at identifying barriers to providing adequate spiritual care.

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Pieter van Foreeststichting

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Researcher Prof.dr. L. Deliens
Researcher Dr. H.R.W. Pasman
Project leader Dr. M.A. Echteld


A73100 Primary health care
A85200 Philosophy of life and religion
D23380 General practice
D24100 Nursing sciences

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