Shape Matching


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Titel Shape Matching
Looptijd 01 / 2007 - onbekend
Status Lopend
Onderzoeknummer OND1319362
Leverancier gegevens Website UU

Samenvatting (EN)

For shape-based image matching, features are extracted from images, such as edge and corner points, curves, and regions. The set of feature of one image is then translated, rotated, and scaled so as to minimize some similarity function with respect to the features from the other image. We develop similarity functions that are robust against noise, occlusion, blurring, and small deformations, as well as algorithms to compute them efficiently. The following is an example of one of our matching algorithms in action.

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Projectleider Prof.dr. R.C. Veltkamp

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D16300 Theoretische informatica
D16400 Informatiesystemen, databases
D16500 Gebruikersinterfaces, multimedia

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