C-Minor : Cognition-based Music Information Notation Oriented Retrieval


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Title C-Minor : Cognition-based Music Information Notation Oriented Retrieval
Period 01 / 2007 - unknown
Status Completed
Research number OND1319373
Data Supplier Website UU


The objective of the C-Minor project is to approach the following three fundamental issues in music retrieval: Feature extraction. Given a piece of music, or a musical fragment such as a theme or melody, compute a number of features that are relevant to music perception and cognition. Matching. Design a similarity measure between those features, that models well perceptual similarity, and design an efficient algorithms to compute it. Relevance feedback. Given a selection from the collection, with positive and negative assessments from the user, find music that is more similar to the positively labeled music, and more dissimilar to the negatively labeled music.

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Project leader Prof.dr. R.C. Veltkamp
Project leader Dr. F. Wiering


D16400 Information systems, databases
D35200 Musicology

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