The creation of identity as a cultural process - between nation state and Europe


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Titel The creation of identity as a cultural process - between nation state and Europe
Looptijd 01 / 2006 - 12 / 2009
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The project s objective is to examine the influence which, through the increasingly influential role of periodicals in the European debate, was exerted on heterodox visions on society and culture from the early eighteenth to the late twentieth century. The following case-studies will be undertaken: the case of the Huguenots and the associated Freemasons (lodges) in the early eighteenth century: against the hegemonic state which France was and for a tolerant Europe; the case of states or groups marginalized during the Napoleonic era i.e. the early nineteenth century: against a Europe dominated culturally and politically by France and for the old national states/cultures and/or for a cultural and/or political-social ideal that transcended states; the case of the French colonial minorities in the early twentieth century: against French colonial dominance and for a new state of their own, whether or not in relation to new nation-state transcending organizations. The intention of this framework is to bring the researchers involved together on a two to three-yearly basis. A narrowing down of the question(s) should take place in this process which is to result in a symposium and a joint publication.

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