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Title Training self-evaluation and task selection prior to pupil-steered instruction: effects on self-steered learning competentions, pupil involvement and learning
Period 01 / 2006 - 01 / 2010
Status Completed
Dissertation Yes
Research number OND1320878
Data Supplier Website ICO; Website CELSTEC


Studies comparing learner-controlled with system-controlled instruction have mainly been concerned with the effects of the instructional methods on motivation/student involvement and learning outcomes, not with the mechanisms that underlie the learner-controlled process. Moreover, these studies assumed that students are capable of accurate self-assessment and appropriate task selection. However, since there is evidence that learners typically misassess their own competence, fair conduction of such studies requires training students on self-assessment and task selection beforehand. To be able to design such an assessment and selection training, this project 1. tries to uncover the cognitive mechanisms underlying the self-assessment and subsequent learner-controlled task selection process as a function of learner expertise 2. investigates whether an assessment and selection training leads to more accurate self-assessment and task selection, as reflected by learning outcomes 3. investigates in two experiments (one single-session and one longitudinal ) the effects of an assessment and selection training and subsequent engagement in learner-controlled instruction on students self-regulated learning competence (SRLC) development, involvement, and learning.

Abstract (NL)

Studies die vergelijkingen trekken tussen leerling-gestuurde en systeem-gestuurde instructies nemen veelal aan dat leerlingen capabel zijn in het maken van zelfevaluaties en taak selecties. Er is echter bewijs gevonden dat leerlingen vaker hun eigen competentie verkeerd beoordelen en dit kan negatieve invloed hebben op hun zelfgestuurde leercompetentie. Dit project is opgezet om een training te ontwikkelen waarin zelfevaluatie en taakselectie meer accuraat worden afgestemd wat zou moeten leiden tot een meer effectief zelfgestuurd leercompetentie.

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Supervisor Prof.dr. G.W.C. Paas
Project leader Prof.dr. T.A.J.M. (Tamara) van Gog
Doctoral/PhD student Dr. D.D.N.M. Kostons


D52000 Educational theory

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