Bio-fuels in a Rankine compression Gasturbine


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Title Bio-fuels in a Rankine compression Gasturbine
Period 01 / 2006 - unknown
Status Completed
Research number OND1320935
Data Supplier Website TUE


In cooperation with HeatPower ( TU/e developes a Rankine Compression Gasturbine (RCG). This system is meant for applications with a power-demand of 1-10 MWe. The main issues are fast system dynamics, high efficiency (with respect to a simple gastubine), easy maintenance of all system components and excellent part load properties. Besides these general advantages the RCG also uses dual-fuel burners, tested for both gasious and liquid fuels. The application of these burnes makes it possible to operate the RCG on numerous bio-fuels. At present the applicability of glycerine (a by-product of bio-diesel production) is tested. In the framework of an STW-valorisation grant, ir. H. Ouwerkerk performs his PhD-study on the design of a demonstration-system of the dual-fuel system.

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Project leader H.C. de Lange
Doctoral/PhD student Ir. H. Ouwerkerk


D14530 Fuel technology
D14800 Energy

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