The sensitivity of river systems to human actions and climatic events...


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Title The sensitivity of river systems to human actions and climatic events across different environments: a Holocene perspective
Period 01 / 2006 - 01 / 2010
Status Completed
Research number OND1321213
Data Supplier Website ICG


One of the important research questions in the 'Global Change' debate is the sensitivity of river systems for future climate and human impacts. Therefore, a thorough understanding of the sensitivity of river for such environmental changes is necessary. Often, these are absorbed by the river system, namely in alluvial and colluvial deposits. A holistic approach of the river catchment is therefore necessary. An existing spatially distributed erosion and sediment delivery model will be further developed to include bank erosion and floodplain sedimentation. By the reconstruction of land use and climate using models and proxy-records, the Holocene river dynamics will be simulated with this model. Model results will be validated with temporal data on sediment storage and sediment fluxed that will be obtained through fieldwork.

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Researcher Drs. B. Notebaert
Project leader Prof.dr. G. Govers
Project leader Prof.dr. J. Poesen
Project leader Dr. G. Verstraeten


D15300 Physical geology

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