Art and Cultural Heritage: Innovation and Tradition


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Title Art and Cultural Heritage: Innovation and Tradition
Period 01 / 2007 - unknown
Status Current
Research number OND1321394
Data Supplier Website ICG


This programme aims to combine disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches. The conceptualisation of art and culture, its disciplines and specialisations, its histories and contexts are part of the research programme. None of these themes is an a priori point of departure. Each of them has a historical dimension, going back to antiquity and continuing until today. In addition the arts are often related to other aspects of culture, such as language and literature, history and a sequence of new media. This implies that the programme is closely related to the other ICG programmes and to ASCA. Geographically the domain is European art and culture. Dutch civilisation will be studied from a comparative perspective, not in isolation. Amsterdam is a major object of research, but other important cities, for instance Rome, will also be studied. The creative exchange of ideas, expressed in images, words and performances, connects various centres of civilisation, of which Amsterdam will inevitably be a main concern, not only in research but also in the master programmes (especially the Research and Professional Masters that are linked to this research programme. The programme consists of three main sections: the visual arts, cultural heritage and the performing arts.

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Project leader Prof.dr. B. Kempers


D35000 Arts and culture

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