De impact van voedselallergie op huishoudens


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Titel De impact van voedselallergie op huishoudens
Looptijd 10 / 2005 - 12 / 2010
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Dissertatie Ja
Onderzoeknummer OND1321484

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Both food allergic individuals and those who provide care to individuals with a food allergy should be aware whether the foods they consume will provoke an allergic response. Suffering from a food allergy may have both direct and indirect economic costs, as well as negative impact on the welfare and well-being experienced by food allergic consumers and their families. The objective of this research is to obtain better understanding of the impact of food allergy on households with food allergic member(s). The study will investigate the food information preferences of food allergic consumers with respect to both existing and new types of information carriers in order to improve the welfare and well-being of food allergic consumers and their families. Furthermore, the socio-economic costs of food allergy will be assessed (in terms of time and money) both at the personal and at the household level. The study aims at gaining more insight in the socio-economic problems, with respect to welfare and well-being, costs and information delivery strategies, food allergic consumers and their families encounter. Policy implications will be developed to deliver an improved welfare and well-being to food allergic consumers.

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