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Title Design and development of a personal identity profile fostering interpersonal trust and collaboration in a Virtual project team
Period 06 / 2006 - 06 / 2010
Status Completed
Dissertation Yes
Research number OND1321881
Data Supplier Open Universiteit Nederland


This project researches how a personal identity profile should be designed in order to support team members in making estimations on trustworthiness of other team members, stimulating trust formation and collaboration among virtual team members. The main research question is: Which information in a personal identity profile helps members of a virtual team to make perceived better estimations of each others trustworthiness, thereby advancing interaction in terms of starting point, frequency and type of messages ?In the project information about individual group members will be collected and presented in a personal identify profile (PIP) that is visible to all group members.

Related organisations

Secretariat Welten institute (OU)

Related people

Supervisor Prof.dr. E.J.R. (Rob) Koper
Project leader Dr. J.M. van Bruggen
Doctoral/PhD student Drs. E.M. Rusman

Related research (upper level)


D52000 Educational theory

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