ENFA: European Non-Food Agriculture


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Titel ENFA: European Non-Food Agriculture
Looptijd 05 / 2005 - onbekend
Status Afgesloten
Onderzoeknummer OND1323743


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Samenvatting (EN)

The general objective of the ENFA project is an integrative assessment of the competitive economic potentials of major non-food options in the forest and agricultural sector of the European Union through a new modeling tool, hereafter called ENFA model. The competitive economic market potential represents the likely market adoption of a technology with full cost accounting and full competition. Full competition implies that an available technology is only used if all other available technologies are economically inferior. The competitive economic potential, which integrates engineering science, micro-, and macroeconomic analysis, is the best possible indicator for the market implementation probability of non-food strategies. Market impacts will be jointly evaluated with impacts on the environment and on rural communities.

ENFA will contribute to policy development. The consortium members in dialogue with the Commission will jointly determine reasonable policy scenarios. The impacts of these policy scenarios will be assessed with ENFA model and important findings will made available to the Commission and to other parties of interest.

A&F is specifically responsible for:
Data delivery for switchgrass yield modelling
Description and analysis of annual fibre crop production chains from field to market. For this purpose the following analysis is made:

- Analysis of crop production and processing options
- Analysis of cost and environmental performance of relevant production chains
- Analysis if market penetration of fibre end-products
- Analysis of legislation and regulation determining success of failure of potential production and chains

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Projectleider H.W. Elbersen

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D16800 Simulatie, virtual reality
D18140 Natuur en landschap

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