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Title Comparative study on the economic importance of applied horticultural research in pre-accession countries (R&D)
Period 01 / 2003 - 07 / 2004
Status Completed
Research number OND1324138


Long-term objectives: Continuation or establishment of an economically sound horticultural research and development network in pre- and post-accession European Union countries, including an effective knowledge transfer. Establishment of a market-oriented horticultural production sector in new European Union membership countries. Short-term objectives: Evaluation of the current methodology for assessment of the economic importance of horticultural research in pre- and post-accession European Union countries. Analysis of the cost-benefit ratio of horticultural research in these countries. Contribution to the continuation of applied horticultural research services, funded by both governmental and non-governmental sources. Purpose: Contribute to a discussion and quantification of the costs and benefits of applied horticultural research The project is planned to be conducted from early 2003 until summer 2004. The following phases will be implemented: (1) Making an overview of the economic importance of the fruit and field vegetable sector and the current situation of the research network for these commodities in each country. In co-operation with the partners in the pre-accession countries the importance of these horticultural sectors and the network of the horticultural research concerned will be overviewed per country. (2) Methodology development. In a co-operation with LEI the methodology to assess the cost- benefit ratio of horticultural research will be selected. LEI is to develop a simplified methodology for the assessment of selected cases of horticultural research. Within this same co-operation the criteria for the selection of cases must be established. (3) Selection and analysis of cases. Partners in the pre-accession countries will carry out the selection of cases along the criteria developed in the co-operation PPO-LEI. PPO will carry out the analysis of the selected cases. Both successful and failed cases will be analysed. (4) Evaluation of results of the analysis. A detailed questionnaire for partners for missing or additional information or other than economic arguments will be made and answers on the questions will be collected. Feed back to partners about calculations. (5) Reporting on the economic importance of applied horticultural research in pre-accession countries.,BR> Final report on the economic importance of applied horticultural research in pre-accession countries, including recommendations and conclusions. 2003 Overview of the importance of the horticultural sector Overview of the horticultural research network Methodology for assessment Simplified methodology Criteria for case selection Selection of cases in available literature in all selected countries Results of the first analysed cases Detailed questionnaire for additional information 2004 Results of entire analysis Reports

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Project leader Ir. R. Wustman

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D18210 Agriculture and horticulture
D70000 Economics and Business Administration
E13000 Development studies

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