The Macroeconomics of Pension Reform


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Title The Macroeconomics of Pension Reform
Period 01 / 2007 - 09 / 2012
Status Completed
Research number OND1324720
Data Supplier Website Netspar


This research theme focuses on macroeconomic aspects of pensions. Starting point is the three-pillar pension system featuring state pensions (1st pillar), mandatory supplementary pensions (2nd pillar) and free individual savings (3rd pillar). Key questions are what weight should be given to each of the pillars, what is the optimal pension contract in each of these pillars, and what is the government's role in shaping the pension system. In order to answer these questions attention will be given to the optimal pension contract in each of these pillars, the interrelationship between the pillars and the impact of the pension system on the economy as a whole.

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Researcher Dr. Y. Adema
Researcher Prof.dr. R.M.W.J. (Roel) Beetsma
Researcher Dr. D.P. Broer
Researcher Dr. T. Knaap
Researcher Prof.dr. A.C. Meijdam
Researcher Dr. W.E. Romp
Researcher Prof.dr. C.N. (Coen) Teulings
Researcher Dr. E.W.M.T. Westerhout
Project leader Prof.dr. C. van Ewijk
Doctoral/PhD student Dr. I. Fedotenkov


D68000 Social security studies
D70000 Economics and Business Administration

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