Parallelization of novel algorithms in Gromacs


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Title Parallelization of novel algorithms in Gromacs
Period 10 / 2010 - 10 / 2011
Status Current
Research number OND1325196
Data Supplier NWO


The Gromacs package is in a continuous process of enrichment with new algorithms for molecular dynamics. Going from the current level of prototyping for those algorithms to the level of professional parallelization requires a concentrated, guided effort. In this project we aim to implement and parallelize a number of promising recent algorithms for molecular dynamics in Gromacs. A second direction is to add to the existing mixed MPI-SMP scheme of parallelization the use of graphical processors through the involvement of GPU-CUDA programming. Many times the program is run on single quadcores or opteron stations and adding the possibility of using the power of graphical cards will speed up the simulations.

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Researcher Dr. N. Goga
Project leader Prof.dr. S.-J. Marrink


D13500 Physical chemistry
D13700 Theoretical chemistry, quantum chemistry
D16200 Software, algorithms, control systems

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