Committees of experts


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Title Committees of experts
Period 04 / 2007 - 04 / 2011
Status Current
Research number OND1325250
Data Supplier Website NWO


Members of decision-making committees are often experts whose careers may depend on their perceived decision-making abilities. They may also be representatives granted with a mandate, or, like scientists on advisory bodies, identify themselves more with professional standards than with the organizational goals. This research aims to understand how these considerations can explain a number of phenomena related to committee decision-making. The first is 'mind guarding', the tendency to consciously withhold decision-relevant information from the key decision-maker. The second is the observed variation in precision of publicly made statements concerning committee decisions. Why are some statements precise, while others remain vague

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Researcher P.H. Steffens
Project leader Prof.dr. B. Visser


D70000 Economics and Business Administration

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