Forms and Functions of Prosodic Structure


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Title Forms and Functions of Prosodic Structure
Period 12 / 2007 - 11 / 2011
Status Completed
Research number OND1325319
Data Supplier NWO


The network's objective is to make an internationally supported effort to propose a EUROCORES programme on the roles of linguistic prosody. These roles are subdivided into (i) encoding information structure, (ii) parsing the acoustic continuum, (iii) signalling speaker and group identity, and (iv) neuro-processing of prosody. In addition, it aims to organize an international conference on functional aspects of linguistic prosody to attend the start of the projects in the EUROCORES programme. To this end, a bid will be made to host the 4th TIE Conference on Tone and Intonation. Consultation. Planning will take place during three scientific meetings on the themes of the project.

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