Acceptance of vaccination in orthodox protestant groups


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Titel Acceptance of vaccination in orthodox protestant groups
Looptijd 10 / 2006 - 09 / 2012
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The overall aim of the Academic Collaborative Centre is to provide a more academic foundation to infectious disease control at community level by developing the following objectives: - To develop a permanent regional infectious disease research network- To encourage the application of evidence-based methods at MHS- To improve research capacity at MHS level and to develop research programmes in relevant areas - To have a coordinated knowledge transfer between the daily practice of municipality health services and the university and incorporate infectious disease in the (bio) medical training programmes- To improve communication to the authorities, professionals, industry and the general public This improved infrastructure will be equipped to implement evidence-based practices and better deal with infectious diseases from early warning to hospital admission whereby higher quality and more efficient care is promoted. This proposal describes a plan to improve the research infrastructure and capacity with regard to infectious disease prevention and control at Municipal Health Service (MHS) level in the Eastern Area of the Netherlands. An analysis of the current infrastructure and capacity to deal with infectious disease prevention and control reveals that, despite the relatively high and increasing number of cases and outbreaks, daily work at MHS level is very much focused on the execution of routine tasks, in-stead of developing the necessary research for evidence-based practice. The MHS professionals responsible for infectious disease prevention and control face, amongst others, problems related to groups that do not accept routine vaccination against childhood diseases and to groups at risk for behaviour related infectious diseases. To overcome these and newly emerging problems, a more systematic and scientific approach will be developed. This proposal seeks to establish a firm collaboration between the regional collaboration research network of infectious units at MHS in the Region with the Nijmegen University Centre of Infectious Disease (NUCI) at Radboud University Nijmegen MC through the Department of Public Health. The main objectives of the plan are:- to introduce new evidence-based infectious disease control practices;- to develop a sustainable research programme, relevant to daily public health practice;- to put in operation a science - practice - policy interface;- to train the MHS professionals in research and stimulate them to do a PhD theses;- to educate (bio) medical students in infectious disease issues at local level, and train them in practical research;- to stimulate collaboration between MHS, laboratories, primary care and hospitals on the topic of infectious disease research;- to create a communication strategy towards all stakeholders to obtain their commitment with respect to infectious disease research network;- to perform a process evaluation.A group of motivated, well-skilled people with a wide range of expertise will set up and develop this research network supported by expert guidance. The main coordination task will be performed by a Medical Doctor from the MHS in Nijmegen (Dr Jeannine Hautvast) who will be appointed at both the MHS and the Department of Public Health of the University, in conjunction with the head of the Department (prof Koos van der Velden) with administrative support at both sides. Infectious disease control is a broad and diverse area. The study proposals that form the scientific content of the plan for the Academic Collaborative Centre focus on vaccine preventable diseases, a topic that has national relevance. The studies will all be conducted from within the MHS, by a MHS employee, who will as well be appointed at the University at a parttime base, for the duration of the research. Each study will have both scientific deliverables i.e. publications and PhD theses and more practical /policy deliverables i.e. protocols, standard operating procedures.

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D23110 Infecties, parasitologie, virologie
D24200 Preventieve gezondheidszorg, GVO

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