Buzzing across boundaries. An inquiry into the Amsterdam IT and new...


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Title Buzzing across boundaries. An inquiry into the Amsterdam IT and new media-cluster from a knowledge-based perspective
Period 01 / 2008 - 06 / 2011
Status Completed
Dissertation Yes
Research number OND1327086
Data Supplier Website VU


My research project investigates the relationship between network actors (individuals, communities and organizations) in knowledge processes within inter-firm regional networks. This research proposes to examine why and how members of inter-firm regional networks share, create and reuse knowledge. On this base, a theoretical model, deduced from an iterative process build on theory and practical observations, will be developed to better understand what knowledge can be transferred and created in inter-firm regional networks, how this knowledge is disseminated and eventually reused to produce new knowledge, and which social and network variables determine the dissemination process. The focus of the analysis will be on a micro level in order to capture knowledge mechanisms between individuals involved in the process with a strong focus on knowledge brokers that mediate knowledge flows across the network. To do so, this research project will develop an integrated method to analyze both the content and network aspects related with these practices. The research project will produce a methodology to analyze inter-firm knowledge processes combining social network analysis and organizational learning theory (mainly communities theory). Research questions: 1. Which patterns of knowledge dynamics occur among actors embedded in inter-firms regional network and how and why is knowledge disseminated and created between different communities inside an inter-firm regional network? 2. Which are the actors characteristics that influence knowledge processes within an inter-firm regional network? How knowledge brokers effect knowledge processes?

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Supervisor Prof.dr. T. Elfring
Supervisor Prof.dr. P. Groenewegen
Supervisor Prof.dr. M.H. Huysman
Doctoral/PhD student Dr. M.D. Bahlmann

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