Comparative Stratification Research (CSR)


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Titel Comparative Stratification Research (CSR)
Looptijd 01 / 2005 - onbekend
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Onderzoeknummer OND1327126
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The general aim of the programme is to study patterns of social stratification and social mobility in a historically and cross-nationally comparative perspective: what are the conditions that give rise to opennes or closure of societies? When, where and why do we see opportunities for social and cultural mobility, and when, where and why do we see social and cultural reproduction? These questions arise both with respect to intergenerational, and intragenerational processes of stratification. The questions are answered by the advanced and large-scale quanititative analyses of existing and newly collected survey data. Projects in the programme include: -The International Stratification and Mobility File [ISMF]: a data harmonisation project [Ganzeboom] -The Comparative Measurement of Occupational Status [Ganzeboom] -The Comparative Measurement of Education [Ganzeboom, Wolbers] -Long-term Trends in Educational Mobility in the Netherlands [Buis] -Long-term Trends in Occupational Mobility and Occupational Status Attainment in the Netherlands [Ganzeboom] -Ascription and Achievement in Comparative Perspective [Ganzeboom] -Comparative Stratification Research: Methodological Footnotes (all) Youth & Culture A Panel Study of Adolescents [Nagel, Liefbroer] -The Effects of School and Family in the Adolescent Life Course (Nagel, Ganzeboom) -Non-standard Work Schedules and the Life Course (Täht) -Siblings and the life course (Bras) Unemployment insurance reforms and their impact on unemployment durations, subsequent job mobility, stability and earnings (Reci) -The Comparative Analyses of the Transition from School to Work (Wolbers) -Intergenerational Reproduction of Demographic Decisions (Liefbroer) -Models and Methods of Categorical Time Series Analysis (Elzinga) A full specification of the research programme is available on the website of PI:

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