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Title Studying quality indicators of end of life by reviewing hospitalised cancer patientsÂ’ records
Period 06 / 2006 - 05 / 2009
Status Completed
Research number OND1327621
Data Supplier Website EMGO


OBJECTIVES. To assess the adequacy of end-of-life care for hospitalised cancer patients and identify barriers and facilitators in providing adequate care. A retrospective analysis of patient records will provide information on what their recorded problems were and what care was provided. Based on these data, a palliative care physician will assess the adequacy of care and care assessment. Scientific knowledge on the problems hospitalised patients experience at the end of life, and the quality of palliative care in Dutch hospitals is lacking. In general, physical, social, psychological, and spiritual problems worsen near the end of life, but it is unknown whether, and if so, how these problems are addressed in Dutch hospitals. METHODS. Hospital records of deceased patients in ten hospitals across The Netherlands will be assessed in two phases: first by nurses, then by palliative care physicians. Questionnaires have been developed for both phases of data collection for the collection of data on diagnoses, problems, symptoms, care provided, patient preferences, and specific palliative care quality indicators. To better understand the barriers and facilitators identified in the patient records, interviews will be conducted with hospital administrators, physicians, and oncology nurse specialists.

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Researcher M.L.H. van de Watering (MD)
Project leader Prof.dr. L. Deliens
Project leader Dr. M.A. Echteld


D23120 Oncology

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