Cognitive development


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Title Cognitive development
Period 01 / 2006 - unknown
Status Current
Research number OND1327686
Data Supplier Website CSCA


The major focus of the program is on cognitive development at both ends of the lifespan-cognitive changes during childhood and senescence. Although the primary focus is on cognitive development, secondary questions relate to the age-related changes in the interaction between cognition and affect and to cognitive deficits that may occur when development goes astray or to deficits that are associated with cognitive decline. In studying cognitive development, multiple methods are used ranging from the experimental analysis of performance (mostly speeded responses and accuracy measures), non-invasive measurements of the central and autonomic nervous system (respectively, EEG, MEG, brain potentials, and heart rate, respiration, skin conductance, eye-movements, electromyographic activity), formal modeling and dedicated statistical analysis (respectively, neural networks, catastrophe modeling, Markov modeling, and latent class analysis, source analysis of brain potentials).

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