Family law in Syria


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Title Family law in Syria
Period 10 / 2007 - 09 / 2013
Status Completed
Dissertation Yes
Research number OND1327903
Data Supplier Website LUCIS


Family relations in Syria are governed by a multiplicity of personal status (or family) laws. These laws, mainly religious-based, operate simultaneously within the legal system, creating a complex system of parallel and sometimes competing jurisdictions divided along sectarian lines. In her research Esther van Eijk focuses on the various Syrian laws of personal status, taking three main research areas into account: statutory laws, public debates, and family law in practice. In addition to studying these laws in their socio-political and historical context, an anthropological approach is employed for the analysis of family law debates, and judicial practices observed in Muslim and Christian courtrooms in Damascus.

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Supervisor Prof.dr. L.P.H.M. (Léon) Buskens
Doctoral/PhD student Mr.dr. E. van Eijk


D41000 Science of law
D63000 Cultural anthropology

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