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Titel How Performance Related Pay and Leadership bring out the best in employees: the role of HRM content, strength and climate
Looptijd 07 / 2006 - 11 / 2008
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Leverancier gegevens Kurt Lewin Institute

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A recent theoretical model by Bowen and Ostroff (2004) draws out the process of HRM towards organizational outcomes and explicates how the black box can be opened. When there is strength of HRM, or consensus between the policy makers, consistency over time and practices and distinctiveness on the event-effect relationship, employees will show positive behaviours and attitudes. Elaborating on Kelley s attribution theory (1967) Bowen and Ostroff (2004) state that employees can now make clear attributions and will share their perceptions on the HRM policy and procedures, inducing a strong climate, since they know what behaviour is expected from them and what will be rewarded. Together with the commitment employees experience towards the represented content of HRM, this will help eliciting positive employee attitudes and behaviour, like affective commitment and knowledge sharing, and positive organizational outcomes (e.g. Bowen & Ostroff, 2004; Tsui & Wang, 2002). Looking at research concerning performance related pay and leadership furthermore indicates that the process of carrying out messages by policy makers to the employees in organizations should be further investigated. However, questions also arise how climate, as viewed by organizational climate literature (e.g. Schneider, Salvaggio & Subirats, 2002), treated as a strong situation in which no ambiguity exists towards the employees (e.g. Mischel, 1973), works in this relationship. Furthermore, do constructed forms of climate represent the climate as perceived by the employees

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