Carcinomas of the digestive tract


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Title Carcinomas of the digestive tract
Period 01 / 2008 - unknown
Status Completed
Research number OND1328879
Data Supplier Website MolMed


The main goal of our research activity is the elucidation of the molecular and genetic basis of esophageal and colorectal tumor initiation and progression, and the translation of this knowledge into more accurate diagnosis, prevention and therapeutic intervention. This broad approach reflects the different interests and research and clinical activities of the faculties involved in theme 3.1 and ranges from the functional analysis of specific tumor suppressor- and onco-genes, to more clinically-related aspects such as molecular grading, the development of pre-clinical mouse models, the application of genomic and expression profiling to GI-tract tumors, and the development of molecular markers as prognostic predictors and potential therapeutic targets. Notably, much of the research focus within this sub-theme has been aimed at the isolation and characterization of cancer stem cells (CSCs) from the above mentioned GI tract malignancies. CSCs represent not only an ideal model study for the mechanisms underlying tumor initiation, malignant progression, and metastasis to distant sites, but are also unique targets for the development of diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic applications.

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Project leader Dr. H. van Dekken
Project leader Prof.dr. R. Fodde

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