Dairy chain Malaysia


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Title Dairy chain Malaysia
Period 01 / 2008 - 12 / 2009
Status Completed
Research number OND1331042


LocationNetherlands, Malaysia: PeninsulaGeneral goal:To contribute to the sustainable development of the national dairy sector in MalaysiaProject purpose:To assist in the development of technical and institutional options for a sustainable development of the dairy sector in Malaysia and to strengthen the linkages with and increase the capacity of the Malaysian dairy expertise It is the wish of all parties that the project should be implemented in line with the policy of the Department of Veterinary Services. It is expected that the policy document will become available soon. Thereafter a further articulation of the research demand is possible. The project will be implemented in close cooperation with the Department of Veterinary Services but also an interactive approach with all relevant stakeholders including Dutch consultants will be adopted by the project so that the results of the project will contribute to a sustainable development of the Malaysian dairy sector. The following activities are planned:Review of available information concerning the dairy sector (report milk production sector, policy document Department of Veterinary Services of MoA) and information from other stakeholders (dairy industry, consultants, etc) Selection of options to work on (further articulation of demand with Department of Veterinary Services, Agricultural Office and dairy industry and Netherlands consultant (HVA)) Organize a multi-stakeholder workshop to design inter-actively one or more technical or institutional options for development of a viable and sustainable dairy chain Contribute to the further development of one or two technical or institutional options and development of action plan in collaboration with expertise available within Department of Veterinary Services and Veterinary Institute and explore possibilities for further cooperation and capacity building Seminar to be organized in collaboration with the Agricultural Office to present results.The activities will be well tuned with the activities deployed by Dutch Lady Milk Industries and Netherlands dairy consultants already active in the area so that the activities of this project will give added value to the joint efforts of the public and private parties in the Netherlands to contribute to the development of the Malaysian dairy sector.It is expected that the policy document of the MoA concerning the dairy sector will be available by next month. In January 2008 decisions will be made regarding the technical and/or institutional options to work on. This will be done in cooperation with the Department of Veterinary Services and Netherlands Agricultural Office. In a multi-stakeholder workshop, technical options for sustainable development of the dairy sector and good dairy farming practices will be discussed and in cooperation with the stakeholders adapted to the local Malaysian situation. Special emphasis will be paid to the issues chosen to work on and actions formulated. The review of the available information and multi-stakeholder workshop will be done in the first quarter. During the second and third quarter a follow-up will be given to the actions agreed upon and in the last quarter of 2008 the final report will be made and results presented on a seminar.As much as possible visits of experts Wageningen UR to Malaysia will be combined with missions to the Philippines (BO project `Feasibility study International Livestock Centre at the Philippines¿). Outputs, Timeframe, Responsibilities and Budget breakdown over outputs and activities 2008Project title and number: AZ11 Sustainable Development of Dairy Chains in Malaysia Budget (k¿)NrExpected outputs 2008Main activities required to achieve outputsBy whom WhenPersonnelMaterials & operational costsOther costsTotal1Definite choice of issues to embark on Inception: further study of available information (policy document), discussions with relevant parties involved (Netherlands and Malaysia)ASG January/ February 20084,52 6,52Multistakeholder workshopDefining objectives and issues to be discussedASG, WIMarch 20087,531 11,5Identification of stakeholders to participate Implementation 3Follow-up actionsBased on the outcome further follow up and capacity building will be don e on one or two technical or institutional options ASGApril- November 20087,52,5 10 4Report and seminar Presentations of resultsASG, WINovember 200852 7 TOTAL COSTS 24,59,51 35 LNV CONTRIBUTION 24,59,5135 CO-FUNDING (IF APPLICABLE) (SOURCE: ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿.) The planned outputs are:A workshop with major stakeholders for capacity building and discussion of options for sustainable development of dairy sectorA final report and seminar to present results.

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Project leader Ir. S.J. Hiemstra

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