Appraisal of archives for acquisition: no privileged past


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Title Appraisal of archives for acquisition: no privileged past
Period 05 / 2008 - unknown
Status Completed
Research number OND1331309
Data Supplier Projectleider


In what way can archivists, make legitimate acquisition choices in a society of which they are part? Most of the time the collection of records, be it public or private, is carried out in a curious mixture of systematic and less structured, even haphazard labour. The case of the Netherlands, on a national and local level, illustrates this practice. Because of legislation public records in the Netherlands are subject to the systematic approach; the future of private records, however, is rather insecure. Keeping aside institutional archival organizations consistently aiming at collecting private records - like the International Institute for Social History (Amsterdam) or the Catholic Documentation Centre (Nijmegen) - in general their survival is due to clever operating individual archivists and, at times, a tribute to the kindness and compassion of the creator. Repositories, in general, lack an acquisition-policy and therefore, one could say, society's archival memory rests on caoutchouc pillars. Topic of Interest The acquisition of public and private archival collections by institutional archival organizations.

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Secretariat Media Studies (UvA)

Related people

Researcher Drs. A.E.M. Jonker
Project leader Prof.dr. F.C.J. Ketelaar

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