A Formal Analysis of Social Procedures


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Titel A Formal Analysis of Social Procedures
Looptijd 10 / 2008 - 09 / 2013
Status Lopend
Onderzoeknummer OND1331756
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This project will investigate social procedures as executed by rational and not-so rational agents. This is an area where many disciplines meet and have already made important contributions. The problem we focus on is how to understand the complex phenomena that arise when people taking part in a procedure interact. A careful analysis of these phenomena relies on results and techniques from a variety disciplines, including Social Philosophy, Game Theory, Social Choice Theory, Artificial Intelligence and Logic. In fact, many social procedures, such as fair division algorithms and voting procedures, have already been analyzed in detail by mathematicians and political scientists. These analyses typically focus on comparing the mathematical properties of the various procedures. This is an important step towards understanding how social procedures work, but the main goal of this project is to place these issues in the context of a larger discussion on "designing a society" or more modestly, "designing a good social procedure". This is not to say that the literature on fair division algorithms and voting procedures does not pay attention to the "larger picture". Rather, the main theme of this project is that logical methods can facilitate such a discussion. Our proposal is to develop a logical framework for studying social procedures and the surrounding issues. More specifically, this project will provide a formal analysis of: 1. The structure of social procedures, 2. The nature of agents (focusing on informational and preferential dynamics), and 3. The nature of social interaction. The result will be a comprehensive study of social procedure integrating important insights from a variety of disciplines, including Social Philosophy, Game Theory, Social Choice Theory and Artificial Intelligence.

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Projectleider Dr. E.J. Pacuit


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