Synchronizing Networks: the modelling, use, governance and design of supernetworks


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Title Synchronizing Networks: the modelling, use, governance and design of supernetworks
Period 01 / 2009 - 01 / 2013
Status Current
Research number OND1331809
Data Supplier NWO


This research program aims to study how accessibility in the Randstad can be improved by synchronizing networks of passenger mobility, activity locations, and activity patterns in time, space and virtual space. To that effect, transport, ICT and facility networks will be modelled and analysed in an integrated fashion as a so-called supernetwork. Links interconnecting the networks represent transfer opportunities for individuals between modalities (transport modes, activities, ICT use). This program extends the supernetwork-concept in two ways: on a fundamental level by introducing synchronization of activity patterns (paths) across multiple individuals; on a more applied level by showing how the supernetwork-concept can be tailored to accessibility analysis. In addition, the use and the governance of supernetworks will be studied. Behavioural models will be developed to analyze how individuals conduct their activities and synchronize these activities with others and make activity-travel choices in synchronized networks. These models will be estimated from data gathered in a large scale survey and in travel laboratory experiments. The behaviour of the multiple actors involved in the governance of supernetwork solutions will be studied by developing a multi-agent model to simulate the dynamic behaviour of these actors and formally test particular regulation mechanisms and protocols for coordination. These models will be validated in a decision laboratory. Taken together, the research program will generate new insights into supernetwork strategies that improve accessibility, meet the requirements of individual travellers, and can be implemented by the multiple actors involved in realizing those supernetwork solutions (developers, facility providers, planning authorities, etc.).

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Project leader Dr. E.J.E. Molin

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