OpenBoek: Text Mining of Archaeological reports


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Title OpenBoek: Text Mining of Archaeological reports
Period 05 / 2005 - 09 / 2009
Status Completed
Research number OND1332591
Data Supplier Website UvT


Dr. Paijmans, working for 75% as a researcher with Maastricht University and the Dutch National Service for Archaeology, Cultural Landscape and Built Heritage between 2005-2009 within the RICH (Reading Images for Cultural Heritage) project, part of the NWO CATCH program, focuses on using text mining methods for extracting information and knowledge in an automatic way from digitized archaelogical reports and articles. The project title also refers to an online search tool that enables intelligent search in automatically analyzed reports. Avoiding the assumption of an existing typology, thesaurus, or ontology, the project focuses on a bottum-up discovery of time expressions (the most relevant types of entities in text for historians and archaeologists), and geographical and topological names. Using memory-based machine learning methods, high-precision modules have been developed. The end goal of the OpenBoek project and search interface is an integration of textual search with image search, which is the other component of the RICH project, developed in Maastricht.

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Project leader Dr. J.J. Paijmans

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