Share.TEC - Sharing digital resources in the teaching education community


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Title Share.TEC - Sharing digital resources in the teaching education community
Period 06 / 2008 - 06 / 2011
Status Completed
Research number OND1332948
Data Supplier Website CELSTEC


The Share.TEC system will be an aggregation of resources. It provides access to the partners own content and to other Teacher Education (TE) repositories.
It will be an extendible federated aggregation of resources. This is made possible by a metadata migration process featuring semantic, linguistic and cultural interoperability. The intended users of the system will be teacher educators, teachers engaged in self-guided learning, and developers and publishers of digital resources for TE. Share.TEC will be adaptive to the specific needs of these users and take into account their professional profiles through an ontology-based approach designed to capture individual differences. Share.TEC will cover both professionally-developed, commercially-distributed content and open resources created by users, proposing an innovative model for managing their coexistence in a sustainable fashion. Effective brokerage will be offered between federated TE resources and user demand, which is strongly influenced by a variety of personal, curricular, cultural and national factors. To improve the matching mechanism, Share.TEC will integrate a folksonomy based approach and personalisation functions such as user history. User involvement will be an essential feature of Share.TEC and accordingly the project will establish a network of user communities that will continue beyond project completion, thus strengthening sustainability. Product(s): General results Making quality contents for TE across Europe more accessible, reusable and exploitable - Share.TEC will provide integrated access to different databases of quality resources for TE owned by different public and private institutions and distributed in different places across Europe. Foundation of a European network of communities in the area of TE resources - The network will include both communities born around the project and existing professional communities. These communities will be an important means for propagating educational innovation based on digital resources sharing across Europe. Sustainable and coordinated expansion of federated TE content aggregation - This result will be obtained by 1) providing facilities for interlinking with other databases; 2) activating a network of user communities which can continue to grow after project conclusion; 3) providing integrated access to professionallydeveloped and/or commercially-distributed resources for TE together with open resources created by users. Specific results Integrated environment This is the core element of the project, providing users with a search portal that federates distributed TE resources. Effective Brokerage mechanisms for TE contents Share.TEC will give individual users the means to locate the resources best fitting their needs, thanks to its synergic matching mechanism (see Section 1.1). Teacher Education Ontology (TEO) - An extendible ontological structure capable of overcoming culturallinguistic barriers and exploiting the richness of European diversity. Common metadata model (CMM) - Derived from the TEO ontology this model captures characteristics common to multiple European contexts and is therefore culturally non-specific. Multicultural Metadata Model (M3) - This provides the means for cross-cultural resource and experience sharing, thus helping to nurture a sense of community in TE at European level. Metadata Migration Facility (MMF) This tool is for linking to external repositories and resources. It will assist or automate a metadata migration process (see T3.3) Resource Integration Companion Kit (RICK) This kit will provide guidelines and an assistive tool to support users in the process of classifying new resources according to the Share.TEC metadata model.

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Other involved organisations

CNR, Institute for Educational Technologies (ITD), Italy
Trinity College Dublin (TCD), Ireland
University of Venice, Centre of Excellence (CENEC), Italy
Stockholm University, Learning Resource Centre, Lärum (SU), Sweden
Cooperativa Libraria Universitaria Editrice Bologna (CLUEB), Italy
Universidad de Valladolid, GSIC/EMIC Group (UVa), Spain
Scientific research Department at Sofia University ?St. Kliment Ohridki? (NISSU), Bulgary

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Contact person Dr. F.J. de Vries


D16400 Information systems, databases
D52000 Educational theory

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