Transcultural creation in the French-Persian literature after the Eighties


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Title Transcultural creation in the French-Persian literature after the Eighties
Period 10 / 2008 - 11 / 2014
Status Completed
Dissertation Yes
Research number OND1333255
Data Supplier Website OSL


Research on transculturalism in the works of Iranian authors exiled to France since the 1980 s. In literature this concept concerns hybrid works, i.e. works emanating from two or more different cultures. In French-Persian creations it shows for instance the mixture between a Western tradition of novel and the dominating place of lyricism and poetry in the Eastern writing. It may open also to an interesting course of reflection in the cultural and social domain of multiculturalism, interculturalism and transculturalism more in general. Research based on French-Persian works seems significant because it aims at current issues seen from a double perspective: the interdependency and mutual influence of the different cultures and a new type of literature from the perspective of writing techniques. Hybrid creations serve as intermediary between the artist in exile and the receiving society. They transmit values of interculturalism, permitting contact and interaction between cultures. But they can also represent transculturalism which transcends the simple dialogue between two cultures to reach an original synthesis. Aim: to search hybrid factors in these works and to see how they are carried out concretely in the texts. Then we will see if these works may be qualified as transcultural.

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Supervisor Prof.dr. P.J. Smith
Project leader Dr. J.M.M. Houppermans
Doctoral/PhD student Dr. E. Daneshvar Tehranizadeh

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