Epidemiology of speech and language disorders in children


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Title Epidemiology of speech and language disorders in children
Period 07 / 2008 - unknown
Status Current
Research number OND1333446
Data Supplier Website UMCG


Purpose: The purpose of this project is the development of appropriate standards for the detection of speech and language problems and evaluation of cost-effectiveness of various forms of therapy. Description: Speech and language development is a useful indicator of a child s overall development, cognitive development and medical status (hearing, motor development and clinical behaviour). Identification of children with speech and language disorders (and related problems) may lead to interventions at young age, when the chances for improvement are best. However, optimal methods for screening procedures have not been identified, and screening is practiced inconsistently in primary care. Moreover, the cost effectiveness of therapy in children with speech and language problems still is under discussion and not yet proven. Effect studies are carried out in various groups of children with language problems, e.g. children with cleft palate, children with cognitive delay, and children with isolated language problems.

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