The development of concepts in secondary school physics education


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Title The development of concepts in secondary school physics education
Period 09 / 2007 - unknown
Status Completed
Research number OND1333703
Data Supplier Website ICO


The sciences, physics in particular, are considered difficult and unattractive by many students in secondary schools. In physics, students have to learn and understand numerous theoretical concepts but are often unsuccessful. In response, reform initiatives in education strive for enculturation. They put emphasis on authentic student activities and authentic contexts. In relation to this, the project focuses on the research question: What are the characteristics of physics education aiming at enculturation, in which learning and understanding theoretical concepts is fostered? Insights will be used from perspectives on cultures of science and students life-worlds, on ways to foster enculturation, and on conceptual change, to arrive at guidelines to create the envisioned physics education. The resulting guidelines will form the basis to develop physics lessons, taking cognitive apprenticeship as a starting point. This task will be carried out in close cooperation with teachers, using design research as the research method.

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