Heritage Dynamics: Politics of Authentication and Aesthetics of Persuasion...


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Titel Heritage Dynamics: Politics of Authentication and Aesthetics of Persuasion in Brazil, Ghana, South Africa and the Netherlands
Looptijd 09 / 2008 - 08 / 2012
Status Afgesloten
Onderzoeknummer OND1334288
Leverancier gegevens METIS KNAW

Samenvatting (EN)

This multidisciplinary, international, comparative program focuses on (a) the framing of cultural heritage in multicultural arenas, (b) its intersection with citizenship and identity, (c) attempts to designcultural heritage in such a way that it appear as authentic and real (politics of authentication) and (d) the extent to which cultural heritage is or is not - subjectively experienced as objectively real (aesthetics of persuasion) in Brazil, Ghana, South Africa and the Netherlands. Combining (1) a thorough analysis of the processes by which canons-in-the-making are re-mediated with (2) an in-depth empirical study of how cultural heritage becomes inscribed into understandings of self through embodied performances, this project seeks (3) to develop a comparative framework, and (4) to move cultural analysis beyond the trodden paths of constructivist and essentializing approaches.3 PhD positions financed by NWO. Project in samenwerking met: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Amsterdam School for Social science Research (ASSR). Medewerkers: M.P. Adinolfi (Brazil├»e), M. Balkenhol (promovendus), D. Jethro (Zuid Afrika), B. Meyer (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), M. van der Port (ASSR), H. Roodenburg (co├Ârdinator), M. Witte (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam).

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Onderzoeker Dr. M. Balkenhol
Projectleider Prof.dr. H.W. Roodenburg


D63000 Culturele antropologie

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