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Title EMINENCE Project
Period 03 / 2009 - unknown
Status Current
Research number OND1334430
Data Supplier Website CTMM


The lack of neovascularization in ischemic disease typically marks the fatal progression of these conditions as well as the transition between potential success and failure of therapy. Ample pre-clinical proof of concept for successful therapeutic intervention with subsequent improvement of blood perfusion has already been demonstrated. Despite this, effective translation of neovascularization therapy into high volume patient care has still not occurred, most probably due to the lack of sensitive methods for detecting neovascularization, inadequate techniques for patient selection and ineffective delivery platforms for growth factor based therapies. The Eminence project aims to develop multiple diagnostic technologies to enable the early and sensitive detection of neovascularization, and novel tools to stratify an individual patient s risk of cardiovascular disease. It will build on previous experience to develop multi-modal and multi-valent contrast agents suitable for combined platform imaging. To accelerate translation into clinical practice, the project will design protocols to synthesize molecular ligands and label them with radionuclide isotopes and/or ultra-small-iron-oxide particles for use in combined MRI and PET/SPECT imaging. In addition to these molecular imaging approaches, the project will aim to improve functional MR imaging in order to assess the perfusional consequences of neovascularization by optimizing flow measurements for small arteries and quantifying cardiac and skeletal muscle perfusion. Potential applications include atherosclerosis, heart failure, cancer, chronic inflammation and diabetic complications such as diabetic retinopathy or diabetes associated vascular disease.

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Project leader Prof.dr. M.J. Post

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