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Titel Sustainable timber-chains Russia
Looptijd 01 / 2008 - onbekend
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Samenvatting (EN)

Russian Federation

Contribute to the policy dialogue and trade strategy for sustainable wood chains between the Netherlands and the Russian Federation.

Give an overview of sustainability issues in Russian forestry, focusing on the European part of Russia, leading to concrete policy recommendations. Additionally possibilities for more elaborate research on sustainability of the Russian wood chain after 2008 will be explored.

Approach and activities in 2008
The exact focus of the overview will be determined in consultation with the agricultural counsellor at the Embassy in Moscow. The sustainability of wood production will be analysed based on information on current logging practices, harvesting intensities, standing stocks, and information on the current developments in forest certification in the Russian Federation. Also the potential effects of the new Russian Forest Code will be taken into account. The information will be obtained from scientific and grey literature, and information available at Alterra, EFI (European Forest Institute, Helsinki) and IFI (International Forest Institute, Moscow) from earlier extensive projects.

Consequences of harvesting strategies for biodiversity and other ecosystem services, including other land-uses will be inventoried based on existing information from scientific and grey literature, and information available at Alterra, EFI and IFI from earlier extensive projects.

Cooperation with Van Hall Larenstein University of Professional Education (VHL) will be pursued. If possible more detailed case studies will be carried out by students of VHL. These could include cases studies on potential effects of ENA-FLegt and stricter public procurement in NL and the recent Russian export tax on timber logs on the sustainability of the forestry-wood chain and/or the potential role BBI-Matra can play to support the sustainability of wood chains.

Within the limiting conditions of the project, it will not be possible to organise a workshop or round table with stakeholders. If this is needed, additional funding needs to be provided.

Social indicators of sustainability are beyond the scope of this project.

Timeframe The timeframe will partly depend on the needs of the problem owners at the Embassy in the Russian Federation. The time available for the project is limited and will be spread out over a longer period of time to make full use of input from students of the major subject International Timbertrade of VHL.

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Projectleider Dr. E.J.M.M. Arets

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