Sustainable potato chain China


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Titel Sustainable potato chain China
Looptijd 01 / 2009 - 12 / 2009
Status Afgesloten
Onderzoeknummer OND1335022


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Samenvatting (EN)

The overall project goal is to contribute to the development of local economy in the less developed region in China and hence to alleviate poverty.
The purpose of this project is to jointly identify and evaluate technical and institutional options for a sustainable potato value chain in Ningxia. In particular, following specific aims will be addressed:
The project preliminary based on the reports of trips made to China in 2008 - has the following aims:

1. To analyze the functioning and performance of the supply chain in Ningxia and Fujian
2. Improvement: of seed production in Ningxia for Fijuan winter crops
3. Introduce concepts of management and decision support and capacity building regarding in both provinces with emphasis on Ningxia
4. Processing beyond starch and flour in both provinces: crisps of potato slices (fried in oil), French fries, crisps of potato (and wheat) flour (baked) and extruded products
5. Breeding and variety selection for drought resistance, introduction of material from outside China (see e.g. Sichuan where they introduced material from CIP) and selection of material suitable for processing into various products (potentially from the Netherlands
6. Training and capacity building on seed production, agronomy and decision support systems through farmer field schools, short training courses and facilitation of obtention of degrees nin e.g. the Netherlands.
7. To formulate options for supporting sustainable potato chain from small scale producers to supermarkets.

Not all objectives can be met but the analysis of the system and detection of the availability of human, biological and environmental resources will lead to priorities in the list above.

Research objectives:

* Travel to Fujian in winter 2008-2009 (fact finding and identification of specific needs for a new seed potato supply chain from Ningxia and need for processing)
* Chain analysis on seed production and supply chains and on Fujian-Ningxia interdependence (visits, e-mail, literature www)
* Inventory on the institutional settings along potato chain
* Setting up of fact finding system of future seed potato demo plots in Ningxia
* Travel to Ningxia in summer 2009 fact finding , Inventory of elements for systems analysis
* Identification of additional funding opportunities
* Seminar on project findings and planning in November or December in Ningxia's capital

The following outputs are foreseen in 2009:

* A report on systems analysis of the potato supply chains in both provinces and their interdependence and further detailing the needs and how they needs will be fulfilled, hereby clearly identifying the roles of all partners involved
* A seminar at the end of the year (probably in Fujian s in Ningxia is then is too cold for potato production) to fine-tune 2010 and further activities
* An annual report of activities, things learned and conclusions for future actions.

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Onderzoeker Ir. R. Wustman
Projectleider A.J. Haverkort

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