Reflective Practice for Impact


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Title Reflective Practice for Impact
Period 01 / 2009 - 12 / 2009
Status Completed
Research number OND1335215



The project is based on the fact that the real impact of investment projects and programmes on poverty reduction and their contribution to the Millennium Development Goals but also to other international and national goals remains a topical issue in all development organizations, as well as in the Netherlands. Increasingly, we recognize that technical solutions alone do not necessarily result in sustainable positive changes in the quality of people's lives. Words such as 'learning', 'empowerment' and 'participation' are today common features of pro-poor strategies. At the heart of these strategies are people, relationships and the ability to work together to learn and adapt to changing circumstances. This has implications for leadership, management, monitoring and evaluation capacities and includes the skills, knowledge and structures required for strategic, people centered management. Yet the capacity to do this is generally lacking, with particular attention to M&E capacity.
Within the domain of transition and transition knowledge there is a growing recognition of M&E as an important instrument in complex change processes. WUR becoming more engaged in participatory and learning orientated PM&E particularly in complex situations and this will result in an increased international scientific recognition in this area. International development cooperation and WUR partners are potential clients in the market.

Research objectives:
The aim of this project is two-fold:
1. To explore & develop new, innovative approaches and methodologies for planning, monitoring & evaluation from an integrative perspective; and to exchange knowledge and experiences on incorporating these new approaches in PM&E systems and approaches for enhancing impact.
2. To contribute to the further development and applicability of the 'navigating and managing for impact' approach and share experiences with WUR and other partners worldwide.
The overall goal is to contribute to enhancing development effectiveness.

Results and products:
This project entails 5 subprojects, that will continue the further development of theories and methodologies developed in 2008 and will produce the following outputs:
Emerging PME methodologies: seminar/workshop organised on the practical application of navigating complexity and developing theories of change
Getting the most out of evaluations: document published on lessons learned from the 2008 sub-project on 'learning oriented evaluations'. Book edited and published as proceedings from Seminar Capacity Building, Institutional Change and Theories of Change in December 2007.
Concepts and methodologies on navigating and managing complexity further enhanced and shared within WUR, and published.
Web resource portals on PPM&E and managing and learning for impact are updated in terms of content and technically, including RSS feeds.

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Researcher Ir. M. van Dorp
Researcher B. Elzen
Researcher Ir. M. Schaap
Researcher Ir. S.A. Wigboldus
Researcher Dr. A.J. Woodhill
Project leader Ir. C.S.L. Kusters
Project leader Ir. P.C. Spliethoff

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