Floods and sandstorms ? Precision of dendrogeomorphic markers in trees


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Titel Floods and sandstorms ? Precision of dendrogeomorphic markers in trees
Looptijd 03 / 2009 - 04 / 2014
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Dissertatie Ja
Onderzoeknummer OND1335694

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Scenarios of climate change predict more intense precipitation events and increased periods of summer drought for the Netherlands. This will affect the occurrence of river floods and sand storms in inland drift-sand areas. To evaluate flood risk and recurrence frequency of extreme floods, reconstruction of past flooding frequencies and intensities is required. Large scale dynamics of drift-sand areas are mainly unknown, and reconstruction of past sand deposition and erosion rates can answer questions related to the contribution of land-use changes versus climate changes to the dynamics and maintenance of these important Natura2000 habitats. Dendrogeomorphology is a powerful tool for reconstructing geomorphic events. Yet, this approach still requires detailed knowledge on the precision of dendrogeomorphic markers in trees, information which is currently not available.
This project systematically investigates the factors and mechanisms responsible for changes in tree-ring width and wood anatomy as a result of flooding and sand burial. Experiments are performed to determine the precision of dendrogeomorphic markers. Results from these experiments will be applied in reconstructing flooding and sand deposition and erosion events from trees in situ.

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Dr. F.J. Sterck (WUR-FEM)
Dr. H. van As (WUR-NMR Centre)
Dr. Ir. M. Riksen (WUR-ESW)
Dr. K. Kramer, Dr. B. Makaske (Alterra)
Dr. H. Gärtner (WSL Birmensdorf, CH);
Dr. H. Middelkoop (UU)
Dr. D. Vansteenkiste (Universiteit Gent, Belgium)
Dr. J. Wallinga (TU Delft)

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D18240 Bosbouw
D22400 Ecologie

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