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Title Disentangling the domestic contract - Interdisciplinary and multi-level approach to human-animal relations in animal husbandry, with casestudies in Dutch and Turkish contexts
Period 01 / 2009 - 07 / 2013
Status Current
Dissertation Yes
Research number OND1335883


The goal of sustainable agriculture is to simultaneously maximize the triple bottom line: people, planet and profit. Social acceptability is increasingly important, particularly in animal husbandry, though perceptions on the subject diverge. Eurocentric ethical concerns can not easily be extended to EU candidates like Turkey, since geography, industrialization and development levels, but also value systems vary. Contexts within countries or roles people assume (e.g. consumer/citizen) can also affect the arguments with which people shape the domestic contract - the implicit agreement between humans and animals, defining what is acceptable or unacceptable for people when rearing and killing animals for food. Especially in the expanding European sphere, cross- and intracultural dialogues are needed to understand and standardize this complex issue of social acceptability and develop effective policies regarding overall sustainability of animal farming. The proposed research aims to find context-transcending perspectives, and distinguish and contextualize differences in arguments that shape the domestic contract, by performing case studies in two European extremes: The Netherlands and Turkey. After analysis by means of triangulation, policyrelevant tools for (self)assessment, dialogue facilitation and strategic intervention will be developed, linking behaviour, arguments and underlying frames to relevant circumstances and related core value systems.

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Supervisor Prof.dr. M.N.C. Aarts
Supervisor Prof.dr. F.W.J. Keulartz
Supervisor Prof.dr. C.M.J. van Woerkum
Project leader Prof.dr. M.N.C. Aarts
Doctoral/PhD student Ir. J. Nijland

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D18220 Animal husbandry
D66000 Communication sciences

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