Marketing management door kleine bedrijven


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Titel Marketing management door kleine bedrijven
Looptijd 01 / 2006 - 12 / 2013
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Onderzoeknummer OND1336079

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Small entrepreneurial firms in Dutch agriculture and horticulture are encouraged to increase the competitiveness of their industry by developing new market offerings. A market orientation is a key success factor for (product) innovation and, thus, for firms. Marketing theories, methods, and procedures have been developed for and within large firms, but marketing in small firms is different from marketing in large firms, because small firms have different and often limited resources. To overcome their limitations, marketing in small firms is a social, personal activity based on close customer relationships. Personal, firm, and network characteristics are, therefore, hypothesized to have a big influence on the marketing practices of small firm managers. However, research on marketing practices of small firms is limited and practical guidelines for marketing management in small firm¿s are scant.

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A20000 Plantaardige productie en dierlijke productie
A54000 Marketing en consumptie
D43000 Economische wetenschappen

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