Syntax in the moselle-franconian language area


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Titel Syntax in the moselle-franconian language area
Looptijd 12 / 2008 - 10 / 2011
Status Afgesloten
Onderzoeknummer OND1336725
Leverancier gegevens Website LOT

Samenvatting (EN)

Modern dialectology no longer aims towards the description of the old dialects but the reasons for and the dynamics of spoken language in general. To the horizontal (= area) dimension of language change which has been researched by the classical dialectology is added the vertical (= social and situative) dimension of language variation which deals with the analysis of all varieties and language degrees (Sprechlagen) between the two poles 'base dialect' and 'standard language'. This kind of research is called non-standard research' (Regionalsprachenforschung) . However, this non-standard research' focuses also on the phonology language subsystem, while syntactic analyses are still very rare. Because studies on regional language dynamics are not required to focus on just one linguistic subsystem, it is absolutely necessary that the desideratum of regional syntactic language variation becomes fulfilled. For that purpose my work asks two questions which are similar to the questions that are asked in phonological analyses (compare KEHREIN i.p., p. 2): 1. How is the syntax of today s deepest dialects in the examination area structured (horizontal dimension)? 2. How does the syntax change synchronically when speakers switch between different varieties and language degrees within both poles of dialect and standard (vertical dimension)?

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Promotor Prof.dr. A.N. Lenz
Onderzoeker T. Kallenborn (MA)

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