Emergence of category systems in knowledge spaces - the WIKI case


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Title Emergence of category systems in knowledge spaces - the WIKI case
Period 01 / 2010 - 12 / 2011
Status Completed
Research number OND1339399
Data Supplier NWO


The storage and CPU power requested are going to be used in the ?Knowledge Space Lab? project of the Virtual Knowledge Studio, funded by the KNAW Strategiefonds. The aim of the project is to explore how knowledge dynamics can be visualized, to compare different visual representations, and to analyze how visualization can contribute to a better understanding of the dynamic mechanisms behind knowledge creation. As a first test case for a knowledge creating system which is self-organized we will look into WIKIPEDIA. In our study we will confront the way in which Wikipedia articles are linked with the way they are assigned to their categories. We restrict our investigation to the ?Science? category of Wikipedia. The aim is to explore how bottom-up and top-down structures are related and to investigate the similarities and the differences between these two structures. We plan to trace these relations in time, with the expectation of uncovering relations between what happens in both structures as well as with the aim of generating a novel way to capture these transformations dynamically.

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Researcher Dr. A. Akdag
Researcher C. Gao
Researcher Dr. K. Suchecki
Project leader Dr. A. (Andrea) Scharnhorst

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