Behavioural needs and preferences of veal calves in relation to feeding...


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Title Behavioural needs and preferences of veal calves in relation to feeding and effects of different feeding strategies on behaviour
Period 10 / 2009 - 01 / 2014
Status Current
Dissertation Yes
Research number OND1339410
Data Supplier NWO


Veal calves are fed large quantities of milk replacer and small amounts of solid feed, which results in high levels of abnormal oral behaviours and impaired rumen development among many other negative consequences.
The aim of this PhD is to assess the feeding preferences of veal calves at different stages of the fattening period, their motivation to access different types of solid feed depending on their age, and to establish appropriate amounts and type of roughage mixes regarding improvements in welfare, for commercial use.

No clear solid feed dose-response in performance of abnormal oral behaviours in veal calves fed incremental doses of solid feed mixture.

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Co-supervisor E.A.M. Bokkers
Project leader E.A.M. Bokkers
Doctoral/PhD student L.E. Webb (MSc)

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D18220 Animal husbandry

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