A review of the literature on psychosocial development during adolescence:...


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Title A review of the literature on psychosocial development during adolescence: why are we so negative about adolescents?
Period 09 / 2009 - 06 / 2010
Status Completed
Research number OND1339467
Data Supplier Website NIAS


The proposed project concerns an elaboration of the thesis put forth in my lecture for last year's Dies Natalis at Leiden University: adolescence is not primarily a period of great turbulence, but is a period in which many steady advances are made. To date, several reviews have been published related to adolescent turbulence, but no one has sought to review and integrate the growing body of research on upward developments. The proposed project seeks to address this gap in knowledge by a systematic review of the literature on psychosocial development, and then contrast these findings with traditional and current theories of adolescent development. The focus of the proposed review is on psychosocial aspects of development because the latter issue has elicited the most confusion and debate. In conjunction with this project I hope to finish a scoring manual for a sentence completion test of psychosocial development.

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